For 27 years, Anode Systems Company has assembled galvanic magnesium anodes and impressed current anodes for our distributors.  We stock rectifiers, anode backfill, thermite weld supplies, CP cable, test stations, pipeline markers and many other cathodic protection materials in our Grand Junction warehouse.

We solve corrosion problems.  We conduct seminars, short courses and classes nationwide on corrosion control, cathodic protection, maintenance of CP systems and troubleshooting.  For 27 years, our engineering services have included CP designs for pipeline systems, underground and above ground storage tanks, water, waste water, irrigation systems and well casings. 

Anode Systems installs surface bed and deep anode bed impressed current and galvanic anode systems on pipelines, tanks and steel structures.  We perform CP surveys, we test, we repair and we upgrade old systems nationwide.


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Our company was established in 1984 in Grand Junction, Colorado by Hans Schmoldt, a NACE certified Cathodic Protection Specialist.  Anode Systems has designed and installed over 300 impressed current rectifier systems in the continental U.S., Alaska, Canada and Mexico.

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